Business IP phone services

We offer you a full business IP telephony service saving you up to 60% compared to traditional business telephony service providers. Our packages include all telephone usage features and much more.

Cloud phone system

No equipment to maintain. Management portal which facilitates configuration. Hosted IP telephony. Advanced technology. Over 500 customers. Free estimate. Quick setup.

Call Center

Our PBX system is perfectly integrated in the cloud and does not require any server in your offices. The implementation and operating costs are low and profitable for any company that operates operator standards, hotline services or call centers.

Custom IP phone service

Our offers adapt to the growth or relocation of your business. Mobile users can find all the functions wherever they are and in a completely transparent manner. We stand out from the traditional operators, we dedicate all of our resources to your business to offer you a quality service, deployed and personalized according to your needs.

Resisential & Mobile Telephony

Receive and Call from the country of your choice. Residential service is currently supported on your existing phone or an IP device. For the iPhone, Android and Windows mobile devices just need to download a free app from your market and register with OuebeFone. Saving on your cell phone plan has never been easier!.

Collaboration of our team

Addressed specific issues to consider when deploying a high quality global communications network that fits into your work flow. A service after installation unequaled by the commitment and the listening of the needs of our customers.

VOIP business phone system

Innovative companies are moving away from their traditional phone system to adopt a cloud-based solution to improve operational efficiency and customer service.

While this digital transformation is popular today, OuebeFone has been a pioneer in hosted telephony since 2010!

Custom PBX

  • The cloud or on-site PBX systems offered by OuebeFone are scalable and adapt to small, medium and large businesses and offer a wide range of features.

    As with all of our corporate VoIP solutions, the IP PBX is fully customizable, allowing you to design a tailor-made PBX system tailored to your business needs.

Call center

Our PBX call centers and contact centers are designed to simplify and improve call management.

Our call centers in use or on site offer the functionality necessary for an organization to effectively start and manage incoming or outgoing call campaigns.

Call, anytime, from anywhere!

Never miss a call again

More availability for your customers: you can be reached everywhere, even on the go. The one number function allows you to be reached on a single number, wherever you are, on any terminal connected to the platform.

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